The flag of Musavat Party is blue. For the first time in 1919, the second congress of the Party adopted this color of the flag. The blue flag once flew over the lands of Azerbaijan during the Elkhanid period (XIII century). The blue flag also represented the victory marches of the Elkhans.


The authors of the emblem of the Musavat Party are artists Elchin Mammadov and Tarlan Gorchiyev. “M”, the initial letter of the word Musavat in the emblem, is presented in the form of a double mountain. The mountain behind is black. Black Mountain is one of the important symbols for Turks. The mountain in front is blue, which is the symbol of Musavat. The structure of the letter “M” and the appearance of a double mountain express the idea of ​​balance. From the idea of ​​balance comes one of the main principles of Musavat – the National Constitution. Because Tasanud is also about finding balancing points in the interests of different social classes.


He gave his flag the color of rainbow blue,
Above the flag was only one God, Musavat!
For years, sometimes you went to the square, sometimes to the dungeon,
The oppressor thought he was a prisoner Musavat!

Black winds blew overhead,
Black manes cut off, cut off your right path,
But no sickle cut you, no hammer crushed you,
Musavat stood up like a hyacinth!

It would be a time when the world would turn upside down,
It would be the time when the couch was set up for the oppressors,
This Motherland would be miserable without you.
You are the happiness of this homeland, Musavat!

It’s enough to decorate the fields with our comrades,
We have watered the flowers with our tears,
Let’s hold hands with our brothers in a difficult day,
Suffocate sorrow, rise like the day, it’s time for Musavat!

Words: Ramiz Rovshan.
Music: Javanshir Guliyev.

Musavat’s anthem was adopted on October 25, 1997 at the 5th (Programme) Congress of the party.