Party Assembly

In order to discuss and solve important issues, intra-party referendums can be held by the decision of the Assembly. After the results of this referendum are approved by the Assembly, the decision of the referendum is under the jurisdiction of the Kurultai.

The Assembly: – elects the members of the Divan, the Speaker of the Assembly, the secretary and the commission chairmen from among its members, approves the deputies of the Other with the presentation of the Other (if the presentation is not accepted, the presented person shall not be re-presented for that position); – approves the authority of the newly elected chairmen of the district (city) organizations as members of the Assembly; – accepts the resignation of elected central bodies and officials; – When persons elected at the Congress commit a serious violation of the Charter, they are expelled from the relevant elected bodies with the consent of more than half of the total number of members of the Assembly and hold temporary elections to the bodies under the authority of the Congress in the same manner; – nominates candidates for elected authorities; – approves the structure and staffing of the central apparatus of the party; – Creates committees and commissions of the Assembly and adopts regulations on them. The assembly can establish the party’s press agencies and other mass media.

The Majlis can delegate a certain part of its powers to the Diwan.

During the period between the meetings of the Majlis, the Party’s activities are led by Divan. The Divan consists of the Party Chairman, the Chairman of the Assembly and the number of other members determined by the Assembly and resolves all issues except those related to the exclusive powers of the Assembly. He himself determines the working order of the sofa.