II Congress

The II congress of the Musavat Party was held in December 1919 (the congress lasted from December 2 to 12). 140 representatives from all regions of the republic were represented at the congress. The congress was introduced by M.A. Rasulzade opened and gave a report on the activities of the Central Committee of the party. The following decisions were made at the II congress:
  • Caucasus confederation;
  • Danger of Denik;
  • Dagestan issue.
  • The Party Program was reviewed at the congress. The 67-item Party Program consisted of two parts: The first part – Theory and distant goal; Part Two – Operation and immediate goal. In the first part of the program, it was stated that we must protect the Independence of Azerbaijan, which is our main task, with all our honor and conscience. The second part of the program consisted of the following sections:
  • Image management;
  • Haqqi-ahliyat;
  • Economic and financial affairs;
  • Land issue;
  • Employee issue;
  • Issue of justice;
  • Issue of spiritual administration;
  • Education issue.
  • At the second congress, M.A. Rasulzade was re-elected as the chairman of the Musavat Party.