The Musavat Party was founded in 1911 by Abbasgulu Kazimzadeh, Muhammad Ali Rasulzadeh, and Taghi Nagiyev (in brief, several former members of the Hummet Party) based on instructions sent from Istanbul by Mohammad Amin Rasulzadeh. From its founding in 1911 until the February revolution in 1917, the Musavat Party operated secretly. In this first phase, Musavat tried to unite the Muslim and Turkic-speaking nations living in the Russian Empire and the Middle East around the ideals of national freedom and democratic autonomy.

On June 17, 1917, the Musavatists, the leading members of the Ganja National Committee of the Difai Party, united with the Turkic People’s-Centralist Party created by Nasib Bey Yusifbeyli, Hasan Bey Aghayev, Shafi Bey Rustambeyli, Khasmammadli and Sheikhzamanli’s brothers, and formed the “Turkish People-Central Party Musavat”. they laid the foundation. The headquarters of the United Party was not located in this city until the events of the bloody March in 1918 in Baku.