Hidden Musavat

As soon as the 11th Red Army invaded Azerbaijan, there was a split within “Musavat”, the left wing gained the upper hand, and the former leadership was severely criticized for not being able to save the country from occupation. Abdul Wahab Mammadzadeh (patriot), Mammad Sadiq Guliyev, Rasim Gasimov, Seyid Zarger and 21 other people joined the new left-wing “Musavatin” initiative group</sup >.

On April 29, 1920, an extraordinary congress of the “Musavat” party was held. There, it was decided to start the struggle for the restoration of the state independence of Azerbaijan and the removal of the invaders from the country.

First secret organization (1920–1923)

The work on the organization of secret resistance against the occupation was carried out during the years 1920-1922. The activity was carried out in two directions: promoting the restoration of Azerbaijan’s state independence and organizing an armed uprising against the invaders.

Starting in 1922, the secret organization began publishing a newspaper called “Istiqlal”. He published only 18 issues, each issue consisted of 30-50 copies. In addition, the party’s program and various leaflets were published and distributed in the secret printing press.

Secret organization structure

  1. Central Committee (MC) chaired by Mirzabala Mammadzadeh;
  2. Abdul Baku Committee (BK) chaired by Vahab Mammadzadeh;
  3. Military organization;
  4. Local organizations operating in Baku and the districts.

Management by triads in Baku There were four regional organizations. In addition, local organizations operated in Selyan and Lankaran.

Military organization

Musavats have created a military organization under the MK with the aim of ending the occupation through armed rebellion. It was headed by Dadash Hasanov (Hasanzade) until 1923.