Migration period

After the occupation of Azerbaijan, a strong flow of emigrants abroad began. There was a need to organize political emigrants. After the occupation, Azerbaijani political emigrants who went abroad created emigrant societies in Tehran, Gilan, Tabriz, Astara, Ardabil, Trabzon, Istanbul and other cities, but these societies stopped their activities after a short time. Only after the emigration of prominent representatives of “Musavat”, especially Muhammad Amin Rasulzadeh, it was possible to gather Azerbaijani emigrants scattered in different countries under one organization. Muhammad Amin Rasulzadeh came to Turkey in 1922 and first of all organized the Foreign Office of the “Musavat” Party. At first, the Foreign Office of the “Musavat” Party created its committees in Turkey and Iran, where party members live more. These committees began to work extensively.

The Chairman of the Foreign Office operating in Istanbul was Mohammad Amin Rasulzade, its secretary was Mirza Bala Mammadzade, and its treasurer was Khalil Bey Khasmammadov. They formed the Presidium of the Foreign Office. Bureau members Shafi bey Rustambayli and Mustafa Vakilov were part of its executive body together with the members of the Presidium, which they called the “five”. Mammadsadiq Akhundzade and Abbasgulu Kazimzade were members of the Bureau. During this period, the party’s Tehran committees (chairman of Jafar Jafarov), Muhammad Ali Rasulzadeh and Gulam Sharifov (Rasht and Anzali organizations were subordinate to this committee), and Tabriz committees chaired by Teymur Bey Malik-Aslanov (Ardebil and Astara organizations were subordinate to this committee) were active in Iran. was showing