1. Musavat Party is a political party operating on the basis of its Program and Charter within the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law on Political Parties, election laws and other laws in force.

2. The Central Headquarters of the Musavat Party is located in Baku.

3. There is no short variant (abbreviation) in writing the name of the Musavat Party. In the emblem of Musavat, the initials of the party’s name are given in the silhouette of a double mountain (the back is black, the front is blue). The word “Musavat” is written below the silhouette, and an eight-pointed star is drawn in blue color above and in the middle. Musavat’s flag is blue, with a white moon and star. The size of the flag is 1:2.

4. The main goal of the Musavat Party is the formation of an independent, democratic state of Azerbaijan, its entry into the ranks of developed states, and ensuring the material and moral advancement of its population. The basis of equality is the freedom and legal equality of all Azerbaijani citizens, regardless of their religion, nationality, social affiliation, or gender

5. The party participates democratically (independently, in a bloc or alliance with other parties and organizations) in the elections of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, parliament, municipalities and other elected bodies, and in the formation of state and executive bodies in the Republic; – democratically affects the preparation of laws and decisions of legislative and executive bodies. The party has the right to disseminate information about its activities, promote its ideas, goals and programs, establish mass media, hold rallies, demonstrations, gatherings, marches, pickets and other mass events in accordance with the law.

6. Every citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan can be a member of the Musavat Party, regardless of their national, religious and social affiliation, with the exception of those whose membership in a political party is prohibited by law. The Party requires its members to comply with the law and the Charter, ethical standards, respect human rights and freedom of conscience, and respect the equality of rights of members. The party operates on the principles of freedom of association, voluntarism, self-management, rule of law and transparency.

7. Decisions of party bodies are binding for subordinate bodies and party members.