Kerim Ödər 

Karim Oder, one of the well-known figures of Azerbaijani emigration history, was born in Baku in 1901. His father was Ibadullah Zeynalzade, his mother was Mrs. Agabaji. He graduated from Baku trade school. After the declaration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, he worked in the Foreign Affairs Control.

After the Bolshevik occupation, K. Oder immigrated to Tbilisi and completed his studies in economics here. After the capture of Georgia, he left for Batuma. From there, he went to Turkey by boat with a group of 10-12 people and asked for asylum in this country. Karim Oder, who was engaged in trade during his stay in Turkey, took a language test and got a job at the Ottoman bank after being accepted as a citizen of this country. K. Oder, who worked in this bank for seven years, rose to the position of deputy director, and then worked as a supervisor at the Central Bank. After that, he was a reporter at the Ministry of Trade, the head of accounting at the General Directorate of Workers’ Insurance, the head of Banking and Credit Affairs at the General Directorate of Sumerbank.

Since 1936, K.Odar studied at Ankara University’s language and history-geography faculty with famous people such as Fuad Köprülü, Bekir Sitki Baykal, Shinasi Altındag, Muzaffar Gökar. He knows Russian and French languages ​​well, Persian, German and English at an average level.

Karim Oder was the Chairman of the Assembly of the “Musavat” Party in exile, and at the same time, he received the title of Honorary Chairman of the Azerbaijan Cultural Association. In 1976, after the death of the President of the Azerbaijan National Center, Abdulwahab Yurdsevar, the President of the Center was entrusted to Karim Oder.

Karim Bey died on November 19, 1981.